"l like the flexibility. If I have six courtrooms running, I can have six court reporters. I like the convenience. I like knowing that everything is being taken care of. I don’t have to worry about vacations. It’s convenient. It’s easier. I have nine other things I could be doing and now I get to do them."

- Court Administrator

When you try to bend technology around existing processes, you fail. When you adjust processes to empower technology, you succeed.

We don’t overcomplicate things. We have a reliable, straightforward solution that empowers a remote team of stenographic court reporters to deliver world-class services to your courts. The Revolutionary Text system operates with the highest levels of security, entirely independent of and without interference with your network infrastructure. And we can be up and running in your courtrooms within four to six weeks of final approval.

You’re skeptical. We get it. These are bold, but entirely comfortable promises  we can make because we know what we’re doing, and we have the team to back it up.

Let us try to anticipate some of your questions. Better yet, let’s have a conversation and give you a demonstration of our work.

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