“I went to my people, and I told them the process is costing us a lot and I can’t cover all the courts now. We’ll solve the business problem and solve the financial problem at the same time. In terms of procurement, it wasn’t a big deal. We went out there. We found a responsive partner. I wanted someone who could give the service. I wanted the service more than the technology. They provide that service in a very scalable, easy-to-access way.”

- Court Administrator

RevolutionaryText brings a roster of professional, highly skilled, remote real-time court reporters to your jurisdiction. The RevolutionaryText team provides:

  • Flawless transcripts
  • Professionalism at every turn
  • Full, live readback
  • Live feeds of transcripts to laptop or tablet
  • Rough, daily, and overnight transcript capability
  • Transcript delivery times met
  • No drama. Just solutions.

With the shortage of qualified court reporters becoming more acute, court systems are challenged to find cost-effective solutions. In all situations, you look to emulate the standard that is established by real-time court reporters. Our technology delivers a solution that makes the best and most efficient use of the most powerful resource to create a flawless, timely record of legal proceedings: Real-Time Court Reporters.

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