"They have their act together. They know within minutes whether they have a problem and notify me immediately. They’re monitoring it through the reporter and through the manager. Occasionally I pull up the real time and look at it. I don’t worry about it because I know if there’s a problem, they figure it out before I do and take care of it."

- Court Administrator

We are always there, but you’ll rarely know it (unless you’re watching the real-time stream on your computer or smart device or checking the digital audio feed, which we do continually).

No problems. That is the standard we set and the standard we meet with our solution. Our system is always on, ready for personnel outside the court proceedings to monitor the live, real-time feed or digital audio stream – but you’ll never need to do so. We handle the entire process.

We’ve engineered redundancy throughout our solution. It is why we have dedicated, remote personnel available to troubleshoot. It is how we achieve the level of service described by one of our clients: “Whenever there is a problem, it is fixed before I ever even know there is an issue.”

The RevolutionaryText Remote Court Reporting Solution

  • A vetted real-time remote court reporter with direct communication with the court
  • Interactive real-time text stream of every proceeding
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Online scheduling

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