“I had concerns about the Internet from a rural community. But that’s been excellent. The RevoText staff is professional. It's clear they have the ability to do it and have a lot of good planning in it. They know what they're doing.”

- Court Administrator

“Hassle-free” – it’s not a term that’s often used to describe installations of technology in courtrooms or government facilities. Here’s why your experience with RevolutionaryText will be different.

  • We solve problems, we don’t create them. Our secure connection between your courtroom and our remote court reporters and digital reporting system operates independently of your I.T. infrastructure.
  • Service without intrusion. All technical service and upgrades occur remotely (just like the court reporting).
  • Expedited installation. We’ll have you up and running with remote court reporters and digital reporting system within four weeks of final approval.
  • Customization. We’ll blend our solution with your situation. Maybe a limited number of reporters can’t meet the full demands of your court system. We can supplement during busy periods or provide relief for reporters on leave using our popular “Rover Room.” And our digital reporting system can handle any and all of your needs as well.
  • Reducing complexity reduces costs. Every courtroom is unique. We conduct a site assessment to determine if integration with existing infrastructure is viable, which expedites installation and keeps costs down.
  • We know the procurement process. We have template statements of work and requests for proposal to customize our engagement with your jurisdiction. We know the questions will be numerous. We know the concerns that will surface. And we’re ready to accompany you through the process.

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