"It’s been extremely reliable…there is high redundancy in the system for creating the record. They’re just there and it gets done. The judges just love the real time. Some of them may or may not have used real time in the past. And it’s helpful for judges with hearing impairment."

- Court Administrator

"It’s basically been cost neutral to start, but probably better than cost neutral over time. In a large court, you’d see immediate savings. If you can keep a lid on costs, it makes your life easier. It keeps your costs from expanding, and that is a financial win."

- Court Administrator

"Today the grass seems greener and the sky is bluer (because of RevolutionaryText)."

- Court Administator

World-class court reporters – along with the highest quality digital reporting capability – all performed remotely with reporters delivering real-time feeds, and all systems providing daily and overnight transcripts and always meeting guaranteed transcript delivery deadlines. We never ask for extensions. This at a competitive cost. This at a cost that will SAVE your court system money.

There are no hidden fees or cost overruns. Period.

How RevolutionaryText brings unparalleled quality at an affordable price:

  • Efficiency. Our world-class court reporters and digital reporting system operate remotely – in locations across the country – with a secure, dedicated connection to your courtroom. Without the hassle of long commutes and setting up and breaking down equipment, our stenographic and digital reporters, developers, and production personnel focus only on what they do best.
  • The magic of teamwork. Using remote-based teams means collectively making use of the best and most experienced people wherever they may reside. Such efficiency, expertise, and economies of scale allow us to keep costs down while delivering impeccable service.
  • No downtime. Our system doesn’t go on vacation, take days off, or require time out of court to produce transcripts. We have a remote court reporter and a digital reporting function available when you need it.
  • We hire and manage the court reporters. You get the benefit of world-class court reporters and a premium-standard digital reporting system with none of the associated personnel management and related costs. All reporters are certified to work in your state.
  • We assign only the best. The most professional stenographic reporters and the most qualified technologists, vetted to ensure the quality of their reporting.
  • We don’t overcomplicate. A dedicated Internet line and phone connection. Those are our baseline requirements. And we don’t operate within the court’s network. Such simplicity and efficiency doesn’t just speed installation, it keeps costs down.

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