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Innovative Speech-to-Text Solutions:

Your Courtroom Just Got Smarter

Your courtroom does not have to compromise its record-making preferences to address the nationwide shortage of court reporters.

RevoText puts a team turn-key, comprehensive service for making the record at your everyday disposal REMOTELY.

We bring you the best of all worlds — the power of real-time court reporters, hassle-free digital recording capability, and transcripts delivered on time.

And we do so with a precise, efficient installation process and a promise of white-glove support and service.  Click for RevoText Capabilities PDF.


Monday at the Courthouse

7:00am RevoText court reporter Lauren K logs into Courtroom A.

8:00am Judge Morris calls proceedings to order in Courtroom A.

10:45am Judge Morris ask for read back; Lauren K obliges.

2:47pm Judge Kilmer calls for emergency hearing in Courtroom B.

2:51pm RevoText court reporter Don L logs into Courtroom B.

3:26pm Second emergency hearing; RevoText “Rover Room” put to use.

4:53pm RevoText working on production of overnight transcript.

5:17pm  Judge, counsel leave with daily transcript of proceedings.

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