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Current Issues
Do you have a budget-cutting mandate?
Do you have issues with any reporting staff?
Is your transcript production timely?
Do you have enough reporters to cover your courtrooms?
Are you considering alternative methods of making the record?
Do any of your court reporters provide real-time translation?
Would you like all proceedings to be delivered in real time?
Do you need more real-time reporters?
Are reporters assigned one-to-one per judge?
Current Reporter Requirements
How many court reporters do you currently employ?
How many courtrooms do your court reporters currently cover?
What is your total court reporting budget annually?
How much do you spend per month/year per court reporter? $
How much are you required to reduce your budget this year? $
What is the start of your budget cycle?
Current Reporter Usage
On average, how many hours per week does your court reporter write in court?
Would you like a tool to track the hours your reporters actually are "on the record"?
How many pages of transcript do reporters transcribe per year on average?
What is the rate structure for payment of transcripts?
Who are the decision makers on hiring reporters?
What percentage of the transcript income goes to the court reporter? %
How do you handle bench conferences?
What company do you use for digital recording? (Leave blank if none.)
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